Fellowship Groups

A crucial element of our church 

Body life at Gilbert Bible flows out of the Sunday gathering and the ministry of the fellowship groups. Fellowship groups are an incredibly important aspect of the Christian’s life at Gilbert Bible. A fellowship group is more than a weekly Bible study or meeting. It is a collection of people in relationship and fellowship around the gospel who meet regularly together in predefined groups in order to live out the vision and purpose of the church together.

Fellowship groups are a very important way to make sure that every person at Gilbert Bible Church is cared for and connected to the body. Just as it would be odd for someone to call themselves a part of Gilbert Bible and never show up on a Sunday morning, it would be the exception to be a part of our church and not be committed to a fellowship group. Thus it is the elders’ desire that 100% of the attendees and members of Gilbert Bible Church become a part of a fellowship group.

Please contact us to find a fellowship group that will work best for you.